3 Benefits of Ductless Mini Splits

Whether you’re fighting the hot summer temperatures or trying to stay warm in the middle of the winter, the temperature inside of your home is an important factor when it comes to your daily comfort. If your HVAC system isn’t working the way it’s supposed to, this can be a difficult task. Old, inefficient systems can run harder than they are supposed to, overheat, and cause your utility bills to skyrocket. When it comes to your air conditioning, it can be expensive to install a central air conditioning system, but it’s no longer your only option!

Enter ductless mini-splits.

Flexible Options

Made up of an outdoor unit and several indoor units, ductless mini-splits can be installed in any room of your house without any demolition. Because of the ease of installation, they’re a cost-effective way to keep your home both cool and warm, all year long! Each unit can also run independently,¬†allowing you to avoid wasting warm or cool air in areas of your home aren’t being utilized.

Quick & Easy to Install

Unlike central air conditioning systems, ductless mini splits do not need ductwork to work, making them extremely easy to install. As long as there are no snags in the installation, they should be able to be installed in a day!

Lowers Your Carbon Footprint

Another great thing about ductless mini splits? They meet ENERGY STAR guidelines, meaning their more efficient than other systems and help lower your Carbon footprint! These systems also utilize chemistry advances, making them environmentally friendly.

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