5 Ways To Lower Energy Bill This Summer

One thing every homeowner wants to do each Summer is lower their respective energy bill. Of course, easier said than done. To keep cool and comfortable during a New England Summer, most homeowners will pull out all stops. Here are five strategies you can follow in an attempt to lower your energy bill.

1. Make Sure Air Condition Is Running Optimally

An air conditioning system that is running but hampered will require more energy to function. This will in turn lead to a higher energy bill. Having your air conditioning checked or replaced can save you significant money down the line.

2. Spend More Time Outdoors

Summers in New England are beautiful and the more time you spend outdoors taking it all in, the less time you spend indoors using your electrical resources. A win-win.

3. Do Not Let Energy Go to Waste

You would be surprised how many homeowners let their electric energy go to waste on a daily basis. In fact, a big reason why some homeowners have to endure high energy bills starts with wasted energy. This refers to leaving lights on when you do not need them or are not home, having the air conditioning on when no one is home, etc. Furthermore, unplugging devices is another helpful tip to reduce energy bills.

4. Keep Certain Doors Closed

To maximize your air conditioning when it is on, try to close doors in rooms where you are using air conditioning. This will help the AC reach its full potential and not waste its energy in areas nobody is in.

5. Open Your Windows on Breezy Days

Having your windows open on a breezy summer day can help provide comfort and prevent you from having to rely on your air conditioning. A few hours or a day without having to use your HVAC system will pay off when it comes to your monthly bill.

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