7 Benefits of Having a Humidifier in Your Home

HumidifierThe winter air in New England is dry and by installing a humidifier in your home, moisture will be put back into the dry air. Humidifiers have numerous benefits for you and your family, and can even help prevent getting sick this winter.

  1. Reduced Heating Bills. Humidifier’s force moisture in the air, making the air feel warmer than dry air. This allows you to turn down the temperature on your thermostat and will reduce the cost of your heating bill.
  2. Faster Healing Times. When you’re sick, your nasal cavity and throat become dry and the continuous flow of moisture in the air will keep both your throat and nose moist, which will help you heal faster and reduce your symptoms.
  3. Softer, Vibrant Skin. Dry air sucks the moisture out of your skin causing dry, cracked, and dull-looking skin. A humidifier will replace the moisture in the air, thus preventing the damaging effects on your skin.
  4. Reduced Risk of Infections. It’s easier for viruses and bacteria to get around in dry air compared to moist air. A humidifier can mean the difference in getting the flu and staying healthy this winter.
  5. Healthier Plants. Houseplants are known for improving the oxygen quality in a home, but they suffer in cold, dry environments if they’re not used to it. A humidifier will help keep your plants healthy during the cold winter months, keeping you healthy in return.
  6. Protected Wood Furnishings. Wood that is exposed to cold temperatures or stored where it is exposed to the winter elements dries out, cracks, deteriorates and fades no matter if it’s brand new or an antique. Keep the wood furnishings in your home protected by using a humidifier to keep the moisture level in the wood at a constant. Doing this will preserve your furnishings for years to come and applies to wood doors and trim as well.
  7. Improved Sleep. Snoring is typically brought on by dry throats and sinuses and by keeping a humidifier running while you sleep, your throat and sinuses will remain moist reducing the amount of snoring. This will help you and your partner sleep better.

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