Common Air Conditioning Issues & Solutions

air conditionerThe warm temperatures are right around the corner and before you know it, you’ll be turning your air conditioning unit on. As the source of cool air for your home and your main way of staying comfortable during high summer temperatures, your air conditioning is always running which can cause issues to arise. If you notice your air conditioner is on the fritz, take a look at these common issues and solutions to try before scheduling a service appointment!

The Condenser Isn’t Working

The condenser is responsible for condensing refrigerant from a gaseous state to a liquid state in order to produce cool air. If you notice your condenser isn’t plugged in, simply plug it in and you should be good to go. If it is plugged in, check to see if a break has been tripped or if a fuse has blown

The Air Isn’t Cold

If you’ve noticed the air coming from your air conditioning unit isn’t cold, there could be several different issues but starting with adjusting your thermostat by a few degrees is your best bet. If you don’t notice a difference after several minutes, try replacing your air filter or cleaning the evaporator coil.

If you have cold air but your home simply isn’t cooling down, it could be due to the high outdoor temperatures and the windows in your home letting in the warm rays. You should notice a difference in temperature by simply blocking those rays by closing your blinds or curtains! If you still don’t notice a difference, your air conditioning unit might need to be replaced all together but consult with a professional before making any expensive decisions!

The Unit is Turning off Repeatedly

If the evaporator coil or condenser is dirty or blocked, this can cause your air conditioning unit to turn off repeatedly. By giving these parts a good cleaning or having your HVAC technician come in and clean them, the unit should be fixed!

Strange Noises

Air conditioning units are known for making loud, strange noises for a variety of reasons. We get that it can be annoying but it can also alert you of a large issue. If the unit is making strange noises for long periods of time, turn the unit off and inspect it to ensure there are no loose screws, damaged belts, or debris stuck in the blower. If you are not comfortable doing this, leave the unit turned off and call MRW Mechanical to inspect it for you!

Dripping Water

Water can drip from your air conditioning unit due to dirty air filters or tube disconnections. The good thing – this is a cheap, easy fix. Just clean the filter and reconnect the tube!

For all of your air conditioning needs, whether they are maintenance, service, or installation, give MRW Mechanical a call today at (781) 639-9222.

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