End Of Summer Maintenance Tips

The summer period is when HVAC systems are less active. Heat during these months does not require using it actively. Now that summer is leaving; we are edging towards winter and colder weather. This time, you should expect to use your HVAC system often. Regulating the temperature in your home is vital. Here are 5 end of summer HVAC maintenance tips before you get ready to lean on your HVAC.

Replace the Air Filter with A New One

When your HVAC system is not working, the air filter accumulates dirt. The collected dust usually clogs the filter, reducing the air-conditioner efficiency. It makes it difficult for the HVAC to function optimally, leading to more energy usage. To be safer when summer finally leaves, replace the air filter. The new replacement will ensure that your air conditioner does not struggle to keep your home temperature regulated.

Try to Reduce the Usage of HVAC

It’s not unusual to use your HVAC during summer. However, now that you’re expecting a new season, you need to limit your usage. That gives room for proper assessment and maintenance. You cannot overemphasize the importance of keeping your HVAC system in good condition in winter. Check every component to be sure that they are in perfect condition. If you notice any irregularity, you can repair it in time for winter.

Test your Thermostat or Get A New One

Your thermostat will be very busy when winter comes around. You can avoid disappointment by testing to confirm if it still works fine. If not, it would be best to get a replacement. Consider buying a programmable one that helps control the indoor temperature perfectly. Your thermostat can set your preferred temperature for morning and night. It is one of the efficient ways to save cost on energy.

Pay Attention to Any Unusual Sounds from HVAC

Turn on your air-conditioner and listen attentively to how it works. If it is making noise, that could mean that the motor is faulty. The odor is another thing that requires your attention. That occurs when there are leakages. It would be best if you considered repairing it as soon as possible.

Have the HVAC System Inspected by A Professional

The point highlighted above is essential check-ups. Maintenance cut across checking the complex parts that you have limited knowledge about. You need an expert with in-depth knowledge of every component to run a check on your HVAC system. A professional service will perform a deep-rooted check to identify possible issues. The technician will do necessary repairs that guarantee that you will have an efficient HVAC system during the cooler weather.

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