Home Heating Tips to Kickstart 2024

It is a new year, but the cold weather is not leaving Massachusetts anytime soon. While keeping your home warm during cold winter days is essential, there are a handful of ways to do it efficiently. Overusing your heating system can be quite expensive, so here are five tips on how to make the most of your winter heating usage. 

1. Close Doors Around Your Home

One common mistake many make after turning on the heat in their homes is leaving doors open throughout the home. Closing as many doors as possible when the heating system is on will trap the heat and keep areas of the home warmer. Closing doors around the home will also help the heat operate efficiently. 

2. Find the Ideal Temperature 

Managing the temperature when you turn on the heating system can make a difference overtime. For example, If you are satisfied with a thermostat temperature set at say 70 degrees, there is no reason to set it higher. 

3. Use Door Draft Stoppers 

To keep heat trapped inside your home and to prevent additional cold air from entering your home, place draft stoppers under doors around your home. Draft stoppers are can cover the entire bottom of the door and are easy to place and remove. 

4. Close Those Curtains 

Similar to the previous point, if you have window curtains, keep them closed for as long as possible throughout the day. Closing curtains can help prevent the loss of heat and make your home warmer. 

5. Do Not Forget About Space Heaters

Even if you have a functioning HVAC system, it does not hurt to have one or some space heaters around the home. Space heaters are portable and energy efficient. Space heaters allow users to heat up a particular room for as long as they like. 

Heating Services in Marblehead, MA

MRW Mechanical is located in Marblehead, MA and offers trusted solutions to those who need heating services across the North Shore. With our experience, friendly staff and resources, your home can be ready to handle the cold weather in no time. Contact us today to get started! 

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