How Can I Stay Warm if My HVAC is Broken?

A broken HVAC system is never ideal and home owners can experience a broken HVAC system on any given day. While most HVAC companies offer emergency services, owners of a broken HVAC system will still have to make do with the cold weather for at least a bit of time. If you encounter a broken HVAC in the future, here are some ways you can stay warm before the HVAC is fixed. 

1. Drink Warm Beverages

If your HVAC system cannot warm you up at the moment, a warm drink certainly can. If it’s a cold day and your HVAC is broken, drink a warm beverage such as hot tea, cocoa, or coffee. A warm beverage will help you feel warmer for the time being and is delicious at the same time. 

2. Stay Active 

Moving around your house even on a cold day will keep your body heat intact. Try not to stay still for long periods of time and move around as much as possible. 

3. Layer Up

Do not hesitate to put on multiple layers to keep warm when your house is cold. A sweatshirt can easily be worn over a sweater. 

4. Buy a Space Heater 

Space heaters are portable heating devices that can heat up a room quickly. If it is going to take an extended time to fix your broken HVAC system, a space heater can be a great purchase. Space heaters are cost-effective and an efficient product. 

5. Use Draft Stoppers

Draft stoppers are easy to acquire and place under your doors. Draft stoppers will help prevent cold air from entering your home underneath your doors. While it may not appear that cold air can enter your home from underneath your front door, it actually can. While you are trying to keep your home as warm as possible without a functioning HVAC, every measure taken will make a significant difference. 

HVAC Services in Marblehead, MA

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