How Do I Know If An HVAC Company is Trustworthy?

Hiring an HVAC company is something that every homeowner will do at some point, but choosing the right company is easier said than done. Here are some tips that will help you navigate the many HVAC companies you have to choose from and choose one that is trustworthy.


Hiring an HVAC technician is an investment in your home. By hiring a certified technician, you know you’re working with somebody who has invested time and money into receiving that certification and they’re prepared to invest just as much into every job that they receive. The upfront cost of hiring someone with a certification may be a bit higher, but the quality of the work will pay for itself for years to come. Uncertified workers often provide temporary fixes that cost you even more down the road. Set your future self up for success by hiring a certified HVAC professional!

Review References

The easiest, most reliable way to determine if an HVAC company is trustworthy is to look at reviews. Go online and read reviews or ask the company you’re considering for some previous clients who can act as a reference. Any good, trustworthy HVAC technician will happily provide them for you. If there’s a lack of online reviews and you can’t seem to locate anyone who has worked with the company before, take that as a major red flag!

Communication is Key

A trustworthy HVAC company should be easy to contact, no matter how small your question or concern. Companies that offer multiple ways to contact them, like a primary phone and email address or online chat feature, are more likely to be trustworthy. Not all companies are the same, but easy and clear communication with customers is the bare minimum for any company to be considered trustworthy. 

How Long Have They Been in the Industry?

Everyone has to start somewhere, but new companies are much harder to trust than ones that have been established for years or even decades in the community. HVAC companies with a significant amount of time in the industry have a reputation to maintain, so being trustworthy is a must! Pay attention to recommendations from your friends, family, and neighbors to see which HVAC company in your area has the longest and best reputation in the community. 

HVAC Company in Marblehead, MA

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