How Do I Manage My Heating Better?

Do you typically leave your heating system behind closed doors until something goes wrong? What If you could manage it better to prevent problems from occurring? If you want a heating system that lasts as long as it should and adequately heats your home, managing it is as integral as using it. Here are five efficient ways of managing indoor heat better.

Avoid Turning on the Heat

It can be hard to avoid turning on the heat when the outside temperatures drop below 68 degrees. That slight dip in temperature can feel different to human bodies, primarily when they are used to the warmth that was just in the air last week. However, many heating system experts claim that the ideal outside temperature to incite indoor heating is 64 degrees. If you turn your heating on and off throughout the beginning of the cool weather season, your system will be in overdrive to keep up with the changes. Avoiding the back and forth for as long as possible is ideal. Save the heat for extremely cold days.

Alternative Heating Options

There is no reason for you to rely solely on your heating system to keep your home warm! So many alternatives exist and can be far more fun and useful. If your home is feeling a little chilly, leave the thermostat alone for now. Instead, try these suggestions:

  1. Bake a cake
  2. Use the fireplace
  3. Seal your doors
  4. Consider lighting a few candles
  5. Wear layers
  6. Make a warm drink
  7. Hang thick window treatments
  8. Boil water

By using a few alternative methods to keep warm, you can keep your heat turned off for just a bit longer. Even when the heat has been turned on, you can keep it at a lower temperature by utilizing these methods. 

Clean the Filter

Before winter rolls around, you have to clean the filter for your heating system. When it starts for the first time, you want the filter as clean as possible so the system can be as efficient as possible. With a clean filter, the air quality will also be improved. A dirty filter can be a hazard in many ways, so be sure to start the cold season with a clean one!

Insulation is Vital

Insulation might be a costly project, but it is vital to keeping your home warm. Running your HVAC or boiler system consistently over time will be even more expensive than an upgrade in your insulation. You can purchase weatherstrips to seal windows and doors easily. It is also a good idea to improve the insulation of your attic.

Check Your Vents

Heating vents must be opened and clear for optimal airflow. If you place furniture on top of your floor vents or dust lives in the ducts, you will want to take care of it before the cold weather arrives. Make sure nothing is interfering with your heating vents so that your HVAC system doesn’t have to work overtime to heat your home.

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