How Long Should Air Conditioning Be Left On?

If Spring days quickly getting warmer and Summer closing in, air conditioning systems are about to turned on left and right if they have not been already this season. One common question many homeowners grapple with is, “How Long Should Air Conditioning be left on?” With each case being different, here is what to consider when deciding how long air conditioning should be left on.

Run Your Air Conditioning Only When It Is Needed

Most Air Conditioning units typically run for roughly 20 minutes. Once the ideal indoor temperature has been achieved, you should turn your air conditioning off. Remembering to turn it off can lower energy costs and lead to lower electricity bills.

Leaving Air Conditioning On All the Time Can Cause Breakdowns

Like any piece of modern machinery, overworking your Air Conditioning system can cause it to break down slowly over time. The best way to ensure your air conditioning lasts a long time is to remember to shut it off once you feel comfortable indoors.

Do Forget To Turn It Off When Leaving the House

One issue many homeowners encounter with their air conditioning unit is forgetting to turn it off when leaving the house. If you plan on using your air conditioning system regularly this Summer, do not forget to turn it off before you leave your house for an extended period of time. Leaving the air conditioning running while nobody is home is a waste of energy and money.

Determining When To Turn Air Conditioning On

At the end of the day, when air conditioning is turned on ultimately comes down to each individual homeowner. There is no specific temperature that necessarily signals when it needs to be turned on. Turning on the air conditioning ultimately comes down to preference and the seeking indoor comfort. With that said, on hot summer days, its best to not ignore using the air conditioning system.

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