How to Prepare Your HVAC System for Winter

WinterThe days are still warm, but the mornings and evenings are cooling down and before we know it, winter will be here. It’s important to start preparing your heating system for the cold winter months while it’s still warm out to avoid any major issues when you need the heat the most. So, what are the best ways to prep your heating system for winter?

Check Your Furnace’s Filter

A dirty filter will minimize the amount of air flow needed for your heating system to work efficiently. During your typical furnace maintenance appointment, the technician will replace your furnace’s filter. Depending on what type of furnace you have, your filter will need to be replaced every 30-90 days and your HVAC technician can give you a better idea what types of filters your home will benefit the most from.

Clean Your Humidifier

New England winters are known for being dry and having a humidifier in your home will benefit your health, skin, and household. Maintaining the humidity leave in your home using a humidifier will even allow you to turn your heat down a few degrees, which will save you money on your heating bills. Before winter hits, clean out your humidifier and replace the evaporator pads to help improve indoor air quality.

Keep the Area Around Your Furnace Clean

Move any items stored near your furnace, especially items that are more likely to catch on fire. It’s also crucial to move any items away from registers and vents to allow air to flow properly throughout your home. Blocking the air flow will cause your heating system to work harder than it has to, decreasing its life span and increasing your heating bill.

Bleed Radiator Valves

If you have a hot water radiator, it’s important to bleed the valves to allow trapped air to escape. You can do this by placing a bucket under the valve and slowly opening it until water starts leaking through. Once the water starts to leak, you can go ahead and close the valve.

Check Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Alarms

With doors and windows remaining closed throughout the winter season, it’s more important than ever to ensure your Carbon Monoxide alarm is working in case of a leak and that your smoke alarm is fully functioning in the event of a fire.

Shut Down Your AC System

With the cold temperatures, your air conditioning unit will no longer be in use. By shutting down your unit properly and ensuring the condenser is properly protected from the outdoor elements. This will preserve your unit for years to come and help increase it’s lifespan.

Flush Your Hot Water Tank

Flushing your hot water tank will remove sediment and properly balance the pressure within the unit. This will help your hot water tank running efficiently while reducing the risk of failure.

Check for Air Duct Leaks

Inspect the area around your air ducts to make sure there are no leaks, cracks, holes, or loose joints. If there are, it’s an easy fix that will keep your heat inside of your home and will also help lower your heating bill.

If you don’t feel comfortable with these tasks, MRW Mechanical is here to help! Give us a call today at (781) 639-9222 to set up your heating maintenance appointment today.

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