How Your HVAC System Can Help with Your Seasonal Allergies

Do you or your family members suffer from seasonal allergies? Air pollution can trigger allergies but with the help of your HVAC system, you can keep your allergies at bay but first, you need to understand how your system effects your allergies (good and bad!).

What are the most common indoor allergens?

The most common indoor allergens include:

  • Dust
  • Mold
  • Pollen
  • Pet dander

How do allergens cause allergy symptoms?

Once these allergens become airborne, they are breathed in by people and thus, causing allergy symptoms to appear. Your HVAC system can collect these allergens and when turned on, they cause them to become airborne.

How your HVAC system can help with your season allergies

The best way to keep your seasonal allergies at bay (other than cleaning obsessively) is to change your HVAC filters on a regular basis. Typically, it’s suggested to switch out your filters every two months to reduce allergy symptoms but always follow the manufacturers recommendation. If you’re worried about mold growing in your air ducts, call in an air duct cleaning specialist to clean them out!

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