HVAC Noises You Should Know About

If you’re hearing bumps in the night that sound suspiciously like your HVAC system, it might be more than just regular heating system sounds. You might not be as familiar with your HVAC noises as you might be with your fridge or dishwasher, but paying a bit of attention could help you prevent a costly replacement or repair in the future. Here are a few common HVAC noises you should know about.

Parts of the HVAC System

Before we get into the noises you might notice, let’s talk about the HVAC system and its parts. This will help you identify where noises are coming from.
The heating part of your system will use a furnace, boiler, or heat pump to distribute heat. Most furnaces will use gas, but others can use oil or electricity. The furnace includes several parts, but the main ones are the burner, the blower, and the heating element. A boiler uses heated water that warms the house by flowing through pipes and radiators. Finally, a heat pump is a more energy-efficient option for heating and warms a space by using electricity.
For cooling a home, an air conditioning unit is involved. A typical system has a condenser, compressor, evaporator, and expansion mechanism. These components work by using chemicals to change gas to a liquid and then quickly back to gas.
Also included in the HVAC system is the ductwork that transports air and the thermostat, which controls the temperature.

The Screech

A screeching or squealing sound could indicate that you have a problem with the blower fan belt and usually means that it needs to be replaced. Additionally, a screeching sound might mean that special HVAC lubricant is needed in the motor.

The Rattle

Also identified as clanging, banging, or clunking, this type of sound most likely has to do with the blower or motor in the furnace, such as a loose piece rattling around or completely broken off. If the sound gets louder while the blower is functioning, turn off the system and call your technician immediately.

The Click

What the clicking sound means depends on where it is coming from. If you hear clicks from the air conditioning, your best bet is that it is the outside compressor or the indoor air handler.
If the clicking occurs when running the heat, it could be one of two things. A clicking could indicate that this is the first time in a while that the furnace has been turned on and is nothing to worry about. If you notice the clicking doesn’t stop after the furnace has been running a while, you may want to check the ignition of the furnace to make sure it’s all in working order

There are lots of noises that can come from an HVAC system, and these are just the most common. If you’re noticing any of these, or other noises, coming from your system, the experts with MRW Mechanical will be happy to assist you and get your heating and cooling back on track in no time!

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