salem maLocated along the coast of Massachusetts, Salem is known for its vibrant lifestyle, unique attractions, eclectic shops, and most importantly – the Salem Witch Trials. With a majority of the homes throughout the city of Salem being older, issues with the heating and cooling systems in them are frequent. With over 15 years of experience working with these homes, our team continues to be the first choice for homeowners facing a slue of HVAC-related issues.Our team is always working hard to provide your home or business with cutting-edge technology, latest products, and the most up to date training.


HVAC Repair & Heating Service in Salem, MA

Staying warm during the harsh New England winters is crucial and if your system isn’t running properly, you’ll notice a large increase in your heating bills or worse, be without heat! With appointment times that work for you, punctual and well-dressed technicians, you will receive quality service at a time that is convenient for you. And by scheduling regular maintenance appointments, you will see a decrease in your heating bills and have a system that lasts well beyond its lifespan.

Air Conditioning Repair in Salem, MA

Has your air conditioning unit been making strange noises or turning off without warning? Our team at MRW Mechanical specializes in the repair of cooling systems. By utilizing state of the art equipment and diagnostic tools, we are equipped to handle any issues your air conditioning unit throws your way, including your ductless HVAC! When our team comes in to service, repair, or replace your system, we will answer any and all questions you might have and leave without making a mess.

To schedule your HVAC maintenance appointment with us, please call us at (781) 639-9222.