Most Common AC Problems and How to Fix them

In the middle of summer, when your air conditioning suddenly stops working, it can be a buzzkill and frustrating. While an air conditioning system is intricate, some of the most common AC problems can be fixed without the need to hire a professional technician. Of course, if you are unable to handle the problem yourself, do not hesitate to get professional assistance. Most ac problems are the cause of poor maintenance so always take care of your air conditioning system and monitor unusual behaviors. Here are the most common AC problems homeowners encounter and how to deal with them.

#1. The AC Won’t Turn On

When your AC won’t turn on in the summer, no one is going to be happy. Instead of staying mad for too long, try to figure out what is causing the issue. Usually when an AC unit won’t turn on, it is because the fuse has been blown or the circuit is down. If you have experience handling a blown fuse or down circuit, then give it your best shot. Otherwise it may be best for you to call the professionals.

#2. The AC isn’t Cooling Parts of the Home

Another frustrating aspect of air conditioning systems is when it does not cool enough of your home. When this happens, the most common reason is your AC unit does not match up with the size of your home. In other words, the AC unit you currently have installed is too small to cover the extent of your home. If you are not satisfied with your AC coverage around parts of your home, an alternative to this issue is to try a mini-split air conditioning system.

#3 Cool Air isn’t Coming out of the System

Okay so your AC is working and air is coming out, but you notice it is not cool air. What should you do? You should immediately check your thermostat. On a hot summer day you want the thermostat to read “cool or auto” but it might have been set on “heat” or another setting. If this is what was causing warm air when you wanted cool air, it is a simple, quick fix. If your AC is putting out warm air when you set it for cool air, it may be time to have your ac repaired or replaced.

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