Should I Adjust My Water Heater Temperature in the Winter?

shower headIt’s officially that time of the year that we opt to take an extra shower or two just to warm up. If you’ve noticed that your hot water doesn’t nearly feel as hot as it normally does, you might be contemplating whether or not you should increase the temperature. Before you make any adjustments, consider the following!

Reasons Your Shower is Taking Longer to Heat Up

There can be several factors that affect how quickly your shower heats up, especially during the winter months. Before adjusting the temperature on your water heater, it’s crucial to run through this list to ensure your system is running properly and avoid wasting any money.

  • The cold air is effecting the pipes in your home, therefore it’s taking longer for your water to heat up.
  • Your water heater unit has sediment build-up, causing a lag when the water is heating up.
  • There’s no insulation around your water heater to protect it from the cold temperatures, causing it to take longer to heat up.
  • Your unit is running less efficiently due to old parts.
  • Your unit is nearing the end of it’s lifespan.

To avoid cold showers, make sure you’re receiving regular maintenance¬†on your HVAC system!

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