Staying Warm During Winter Storms

SnowWith winter right around the corner, now is the ideal to start preparing your home for the strong winds, ice, and unexpected snow. Once you’ve cleaned up your yard, it’s crucial to ensure your heating system is prepared for the cold temperatures and weather to prevent the loss of heat and to keep the cold weather out.

Keep your family safe and warm this winter with these tips:

  • Schedule your yearly heating system maintenance appointment
  • Utilize your ceiling fan to disperse heat throughout your home
  • Clear any snow and debris away from your outdoor HVAC unit to ensure the system for better airflow
  • Conserve heat by closing the doors to rooms that aren’t in use, including bathroom doors
  • Utilize draft stoppers or towels along exterior doors to keep warm air in and cold air out
  • Avoid driving during winter storms to stay safe and avoid accidents
  • Cover outdoor faucets to keep cold air out of the pipes
  • If your windows are older or drafty, use window covers to keep the cold air out

To schedule your heating maintenance or to get a quote on a new system, give us a call today at (781) 639-9222.

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