Time to stop Repairing my Heating?

Homeowners know that it’s sometimes best to make repairs instead of replacements. They also know that sometimes a replacement is the best option. When it comes to heating systems, repairs can go a long way, but eventually, you’ll need to replace them. Here are a few ways you can know that it’s time to stop repairing your heating and get a replacement instead.

Repairs are Getting Expensive

One of the main goals of getting repairs done is to avoid the added cost of replacing a whole unit. Eventually, there comes a point that the mounting repairs become more costly than a whole replacement. As a rule of thumb, if your HVAC technician tells you that it will cost over half the price of a new unit to make a repair, you should invest in the replacement. Repairs will only get more expensive.

You’ve Had Your HVAC System a While

The average HVAC system is generally guaranteed to work correctly for about ten years. Many newer units that boast much higher energy efficiency can function perfectly fine for around fifteen years. If your unit has been around for a decade, it’s a good idea to consider getting it replaced in the near future.

Temperatures are Inconsistent

The one thing you want from your HVAC system is a consistent indoor temperature. As your heating system ages, however, you might see that some rooms of the house are cooler or warmer than the other rooms or that a room’s temperature will vary wildly throughout the day. This is because when the system gets older, it has to work harder to heat or cool your home, and sometimes it isn’t capable.

Bad Air Quality

Your cooling and heating system should never reduce your indoor air quality. Instead, it should actually improve it! If you have begun to find that your home is getting dustier than normal, your system could be faltering. Without proper ventilation, you could experience not only dust but also excess moisture in the air and musty smells of mold or mildew – and that means a whole new unit.

Your Bills Are Higher

Have your energy bills been rising consistently over the past couple of years? If you compare your current bill to the one from this time last year and notice a big difference, it could be that your heating system is struggling to put out as much energy as time goes on. In other words, it’s becoming much less efficient – and that means your bills are higher.

Do you have a sneaking suspicion that your current HVAC system might have seen enough repairs? Get in touch with the experts with MRW Mechanical; we’ll be able to help you determine if you need a repair or replacement, and we’ll get the job done for you.

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