What Are The Most Common Furnace Problems?

The days are getting colder and colder in New England so it is almost time to start using your furnace. For generations, furnaces have kept homes warm and comfortable this time of year, but they are not always functional. Here are the most common problems homeowners usually run into with their furnace, and what to do in each case.

Furnace Does Not Produce Heat

This is not an uncommon furnace issue and something no homeowner wants to experience. When a furnace fails to do its job, it is not of much use. When your furnace is failing to produce heat, the first thing to do is check your thermostat. When you look at your thermostat, check to make sure the proper furnace settings are on. Your thermostat might not be set to “heat” or might be on the “fan” setting. Obviously, both of these settings will prevent the furnace from functioning the way you want. Fortunately, if this is what is preventing heat in your home, it is an easy fix. If you notice your thermostat settings are fine and normal, yet experience lack of furnace heat, contact a maintenance professional.

Furnace Does Not Produce Enough Heat

Just because your furnace is producing some heat, does not mean it is enough. If you notice your furnace is producing heat, but part of your home is still freezing cold, your furnace is probably affected. Furnaces are usually affected by lack of maintenance or clogged filters. Maintaining your furnace and cleaning filters once a year is imperative to a fully functional furnace.

Furnace Is Making Loud Noises Reguarly

A furnace making some noise when it turns on is normal. A furnace making loud, rumbling noises is not normal. If you can hear your furnace cluttering around and making noises you are not accustomed to, take a look at it. When you do not know what is causing the noises or how to put an end to it, contact a professional.

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