What Homeowners Need To Know About Central Air This Spring

Spring is officially here and it is essential to understand all components that come with the season. When homeowners stay on top of housekeeping matters, time, money, and efficiency can be saved. If your home uses central air, or plans on using central air soon, here is everything you should do before Spring runs its course.

Changing Out The Filter

If you have not changed your central airs filter in the calendar year, it is probably time to do so. Most homeowners are capable of changing out filters on their own but professional help is always available.

Upgrading To Smart Thermostat Could Be Beneficial This Year

With technology continuing to evolve and evolve, you can now control your home’s central air when you are not at home. To do this, all you need is a smart thermostat or programable thermostat. Away from home and you want your home to provide ideal comfort when you get back? This would do the trick.

Keeping The Units Clean

Central air units can accumulate dirt and debris rapidly. Clean off whatever dirt you spot and remove any debris present. Dirt and debris can significantly affect the performance of your central air. It is also essential to give your central air units some space and not put anything else within feet of it.

Do Not Neglect Maintenance

Maintenance is essential for every device in your home, especially your central air system. While homeowners can maintain their central air systems on their own, sometimes a professional pair of eyes can detect something homeowners cannot. HVAC Technicians are trained to spot even the slightest of problems. Having an HVAC Technician inspect your home’s systems early in the Spring will not hurt.

Do Not Ignore Leaky Ducts

Leaky ducts are bound to happen over time. If you spot a leaky duct, do not assume the problem will take care of itself, because it will not. Leaky ducts can be sealed with certain duct tape or with help from a professional HVAC Team.

Professional Central Air Services in Massachusetts: MRW Mechanical

MRW Mechanical is a reliable HVAC team that you can count on to address any of your HVAC needs this time of year.

Before you put your systems to use this Spring and Summer, let us help you get it ready! Contact us!

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