When Should I Replace My Air Filters?

The air filter in your HVAC system is responsible for keeping your air clean and ensuring clean indoor air quality. As your HVAC system runs, the air filters collect dust, dirt, and debris and overtime they can become clogged and not only cause issues with your HVAC system but also attribute to poor indoor air quality. To ensure allergens are trapped and don’t become airborne, it’s crucial to replace your air filters on a regular basis.

The rule of thumb is to replace your air filters every two to three months although homes that are pet-free, are strictly vacation homes, or are home to a single resident only need to be switched out once or twice per year. If you experience allergies or have multiple pets, it might be wise to replace your air filters once per month.

The Importance of Changing Your Air Filters

Pollen, dirt, pet dander, and dust can build up in your air filter causing your HVAC system to run less efficiently and can also cause these allergens to become airborne, making allergy symptoms prevalent. When these particles build up and cause your HVAC system to run less efficiently, your air conditioning system will experience more strain, shortening it’s lifespan.

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