Why May Is a Great Time to Get an AC Installed

While you can technically get an air conditioning unit installed throughout the year, there may be no better month to get one installed during the month of May. No pun intended. May is a month full of days that feel like Summer but also offers homeowners enough time for homeowners to get their air conditioning squared away. If you need air conditioning installed, here are five reasons to get it done in May.

1. Less Demand for Air Conditioners

Right now many home owners are getting by with old air conditioning units. Come Summer time, many old air conditioning units will break down due to age or heavy usage. Once this happens, the demand for air conditioners will go up. In the month of May there is usually less demand for air conditioners, meaning you can likely get the one you want for a reasonable price.

2. Better Comfort

If you are someone who relies on using air conditioning constantly in the Summer, having a new air conditioning unit installed in May can instantly provide you with better comfort going into the Summer months. The last thing homeowners want to experience in the Summer is a broken air conditioning unit on a hot Summer day.

3. One Less Thing to Worry About in the Summer

Summer is a time meant for relaxation and enjoyment. Shopping or trying to get air conditioning installed in the Summer can put a damper on your summer plans. Make the most out of your Summer by taking care of your home before Summer starts.

4. HVAC Companies Tend To Have More Availability

The chances of securing an appointment with an HVAC company is traditionally higher in May than the Summer months. Most HVAC companies will likely be closed for a few weeks in the Summer for vacation time and on top of that, face high demand for their services.

Air Conditioning Services in Marblehead, MA

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