6 Signs Your Heating System is on its Way Out

Heating systems need continual maintenance to ensure they run efficiently and they way they’re supposed to. With harsh winters in Massachusetts, it’s smart to check on your heating system and give it a test run before there is snow on the ground to fix any issues that it might be having. It’s better to be on top of it than to be out in the cold on a negative degree day. If you’re worried your system might be ending its lifespan, look for these six signs before spending the money to replace your system.

Age of Your Heating System

The average heating system has a 15-20 year lifespan and as it ages, it gets less efficient and experiences more problems. Constantly making repairs on your system can be costly and those costs can add up quickly so replacing your system before it completely fails saves you money in the long run. New systems are more efficient and will drastically reduce your heating costs.

Increased Energy Costs

When there is an issue with your heating system, it becomes less efficient, costing you more money. If you notice that your heaing bills are drastically increasing each month, make an appointment with your local heating company to make sure everything is working how it’s supposed to and have repairs made.

Increased Runtime

If it seems as though your heating system is always running, even when there are not drastic changes in temperature inside or outside of your home, it might an indication there is an issue with your system or with your thermostat.

Uneven Temperatures in Your Home

Do you find yourself going from room to room adjusting the temperature on the thermostat in order to make the temperature from room to room feel consistent? It might be time to replace your heating system! If your heating system is rather new, make sure you don’t have furniture blocking the air vents and make sure there is not dust or dirt blocking the air from blowing through them.

Have you noticed any of these signs? Call MRW Mechanical today to come in and inspet your system at (781) 639-9222.

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