Tips for Maintaining Your Boiler

Boiler MaintenanceWith the cold weather in full force and winter right around the corner, there are likely a few maintenance tasks you have forgotten about when it comes to your boiler system. With a few additional steps, your boiler system will be able to operate efficiently, guaranteeing you have hot water all winter long.

Inspect the Air Vents & Flues

When dust and dirt accumulate in the air vents and flues of your boiler, causing your system to work hard and less efficiently. If you notice any blockage, dirt, or debris build up, simply clear any blockage to allow your system to run efficiently.

Check the Water Level

If your boiler runs without water, there can be detrimental consequences including damage to your system that cannot be repaired. When you check your water level, be sure your pilot light is on and is blue, signaling everything is working properly. If the water level is low, check the plumbing before replacing the water.

Valve Leaks

Over time, there can be gas/fuel leakage through the valves of your boiler. Leaks happen naturally with regular usage of your boiler and indicates a few adjustments need to be made but it’s nothing to worry about! If your parts are damaged or worn out, you’ll have too have them replaced to ensure that your system runs correctly.

De-Scale Your Boiler

Hard water forms over time in boilers and can cause excessive calcium to build up, preventing the boiler from working as well as it should and over time can limit the heating capacity. To de-scale your boiler, you’ll pump a solution through the system to get it clean again. If you’re unsure of how to do this, we highly recommend having a professional to come in and de-scale your boiler for you!

Lubricate Boiler Parts

Regular lubrication of the mechanical parts of your boiler will keep it running smoothly. Parts of the boiler that are in constant movement, such as the fan and pumps, will benefit the most from lubrication and will increase working capacity.

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