Why Is My Furnace Making Weird Sounds?

Furnaces are important and helpful this time of year, but they are not perfect and can sometimes be a nuisance. One of the most frustrating aspects of a furnace is the unusual noises it can create if there is something wrong with it. These noises are often loud and sound similar to banging or something scraping against something. In this blog, we will break down the possible unusual noises, and tell you how to address them.

The Most Common Unusual Furnace Noises

  • Loud Banging Sound

When you hear a banging sound coming from your Furnace, it is usually attributed to the fact there is a delay in your furnaces start-up. In other words, this is an indication that your furnace’s gas burners are not igniting on time. When this issue occurs, it can usually be tied back to your furnace being clogged or dirty. Once a banging noise is established, look exterior and interior of your furnace. If you have experience cleaning a furnace, then go ahead and tidy it up. If you have not operated a furnace before or do not know how to clean it, do not hesitate to contact a HVAC professional.

  • Scraping Sound

Nobody likes hearing scraping sounds. They are not kind on our ears but unfortunately, furnaces can produce them. When scraping sounds are coming from your furnace, it is a sign that something inside your furnace is loose. It could be a number of things that is loose inside your furnace, and unless you can take a look inside, you will not be able to fix the problem yourself. On the bright side, HVAC professional deal with this issue all the time and know how to handle it.

  • Squeaking Noises

Squeaking noises are not comforting, especially when they are coming from your furnace. Squeaking noises from your furnace is usually tied back to the motor. When your furnace is squeaking the best thing to do is turn it off and check out the motor. An outdated motor or overheated motor is often the cause for the squeaking sounds.

Professional Furnace Repair in Boston, MA: MRW Mechanical

At MRW Mechanical, if your furnace is making unusual and funny noises, our team can help you sort it out. We specialize in HVAC and Furnace repairs, installations, and maintenance. For over fifteen years, we have proudly serviced the north shore of Boston. Our team is friendly, experienced, and properly equipped. When your furnace is making sounds you are not accustomed to, give our team a call and we can help you figure it out.

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